Onshore & Offshore Personnel

Norse Technology's personnel have extensive experience from several decades of carrying out safe and efficient assignments. We offer electrical professional personnel for onshore and offshore related projects

It is important to us that our customers achieve high reliability through our project execution and personnel

With us, you get experienced professionals for project management. Our project managers handle resources, expertise and personnel

With our knowledge and experience, we carry out and complete your projects onshore and offshore 


  • All our personnel is up to date on required courses and certifications

  • Our personnel is skilled to work with equipment in Ex Zone 1

  • Ex Certified Workshop

Project Performance

  • Installation of electrical systems

  • Service, Modification and Maintenance

  • Multidisciplinary work assignments

  • Commissioning and completion of systems

  • Automation Onshore and Offshore

  • Full responsibility for the electrical work during project execution

Professional Knowledge

  • Project Management

  • Instrument Technology

  • Automatician

  • Electricians (Group A/H/L)

  • Service Engineers

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