Innovation and continuous change in Norse Technology

"The only constant is change"

Keep up!

In order to keep up with customers expectations, the authorities requirements and the employees attitudes, an increaseing demand has been identified for a change processes and a focus on innovation.
By taking a clear stand for sustainable development and showing how we increase the value of our customers projects with our expertise and technology, we will leave a market imprint and get into a position where our competitors are not up to date. The combination of our delivery muscle and green expertise will be the key to winning the assignments that come within climate and environmental projects.


Focus Area

Key words are offshore wind, electrification of platforms and rigs, solar and batteries.
We have created a separate focus area where we will work on projects and processes combined with product development and / or collaboration with partners who complement deliveries that meet market needs. We further develop deliveries to existing markets, but also look into other industries where smart electrical installations, operation and maintenance become important components.