Norse Technology’ssafety_1 ambition for the health, safety and environment (HSE) is zero accidents. This means that all of our activities will be performed with the focus on no injuries; including people’s lives and health, the external environment, and on materials. The goal of zero accident will take priority in the performance of all our activities; regarding of location, time and demands for productivity. We pay attention to preventive measures against injuries, and all personnel are encouraged to report adverse events (RUH) and internal inconsistency for any issues related to health, safety and security.

Norse Technology shall in its work on the development of products, develope work instructions and user guides to take into account relevant safety aspects. This is to ensure the optimal operating conditions with regard to health, safety and security. We aim to be recognised for good work when it comes to health, safety and security, both in terms of personal safety, work practices and products. Norse Technology will work to ensure that the Natural environment is not being harmed against any contamination. Our company takes legal and moral responsibility to act ethically justifiable and take necessary social responsibility.


Norse Technology delivers products and services according to our customers’ requirements and conditions. Our deliveries are carried out correctly, and in such a way that we support our overall business goal:
Norse Technology AS shall be the preferred supplier of services within electrical, instrument and telecom to oil-related and maritime activities.
Norse Technology AS shall be a company with high competence within the subject areas.

Norse Technology’s established processes, manage our activity in such a way that we continuously strive to improve the management system for quality. Key performance indicators(KPI) have been established with ownership by process owners for follow-up of objectives and results.
Norse Technology’s “continuous improvement process”, is rooted in the top management’s work, and is communicated to the organization through the company’s line management.

Our goals are rooted in the top management that is responsible for achieving established goals.


  • Norse Technologyapproved1 is authorized contractor/supplier in the Achilles system.
  • Registered in EPIM JQS as a supplier
  • Electrical Contractor (Gruppe L and H installatør) registered.
  • Certified EX fabrication workshop for EExd, EExe, EExi, and ATEX.
  • Registered radio distributor at ‘Post og teletilsynet’.
  • Authorization as radio- installer.
  • Authorization as telecommunication- installer.
  • ISO-9001 Certified