In addition to the actual installation, Norse Technology offers services such as mechanical completion, testing, delivery and start-up assistance. Many installations take place while the constructions are in operation. This places great demands on the planning process as well as on the foremen in charge of the installation. Close corporation with the operating organisation will in such cases be essential.


Construction does in this case mean the pre-fabrication of equipment; including switchboards, cabinets and panels. Norse Technology has its own workshop and is a certified EX builder. Other prefabrication can be provided in corporation with subcontractors.



workshop1Norse Technology has a certified EX fabrication workshop for EExd, EExe, EExi and ATEX. The workshop has over 10 years of experience designing, producing, maintaining and supplying high quality EX-products. Our main workshop deliveries include switchboards, enclosures Exd/e, control systems, instrumentation, fire and gas, telecom, and FAT tests. Norse Technology also provides storage and logistic for projects, fabrication of panels and EX equipment, FAT test facility, and container systems.